Diksoochi’s GAAD event

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Free International Event
on digital accessibility for disabled
and non disabled
from Diksoochi
“Digital accessibility
leads to inclusivity,
which proves the visually challenged potentiality,
to unite the society
Global Accessibility Awareness Day,
which will be held on Sunday
30th May
at 6:00PM on Indian standard time.

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Speaker: Gordon Fuller

A Man of vision,
came down to this planet
intending to create a future of exciting possibilities
for himself and his global Community
despite his blindness,
considering technology
as his colour palette and the community
his canvas.
Gordon Fuller is a visionary artist
and entrepreneur
known for his innovation
at the forefront of digital Reality
He is passionate about applying interactive game tools to create augmented reality mirror worlds for the Spatial Web.
His pioneering work in virtual reality,
social networking AI, spatial web, distributed networks, Fintech and blockchain platforms
is focused on enhancing the human experience. His work benefits from his integrative human-centred design approach to technology research and development.
Presently, he is a Co-director at Victor Pineda Foundation/World Enabled.
He is currently preparing proposals for art installations
in Berkeley, Tucson, Milwaukee,
and Honolulu
while also working on a project called Fullervision.
He grew up in Sedona, Arizona,
attended Junior High School in Tucson,
studied art
at ASU
Design in Europe
and journalism
at NAU
and Computer Science
at UA.
He lived in Tucson through his 20’s where he was a TV Reporter, documentary filmmaker, music video director,
and served as Commissioner of Arts and Culture. In 1982, he was a candidate in District 12 for the Arizona House of Representatives. Diagnosed with inevitable blindness
as a teenager, his mission was to produce documentary films about leaders of the US Disability Rights and Independent Living Movements.
He is passionate about history, arts, and local and global culture and uses those as resources for civic engagement and citizen empowerment.

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