team aim

1. Encourage job readiness, especially in an everchanging job market, with never-ending dynamism. 2. Job updates, and not just job updates pertaining to any random job, but jobs that do justice to a person’s calibre and capabilities. These updates will be across sectors. 3. To highlight the journeys of those who despite physical disabilities have carved a niche for themselves, and have made a long-lasting impact, not only on their lives, but the lives of others too. 4. The word ‘physically challenged’ will be inclusive, and not limited to a few disabilities. 5. Encouraging our future decision makers or the children of today to serve as Ambassadors for the cause. This awareness would not only restrict itself to differently abled children but also involve other children, and the school as a whole including the administration, management, teachers and parents. 6. At a larger level, the concept of inclusive education should be propagated. This should be not only encouraged at the level of a school, but also at the level of a community and society, nationally and across the globe, including policy makers, decision makers and implementors. The why behind our cause? We need opportunity but not pity. We need our talents to be respected and productively applied. Not just our academic but also our co-curricular talents. We want to be self-reliant, independent, change makers and influencers. Support us make the change!

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